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Throughout my coaching journey with Teresa De Leon Mushu has evolved from a rambunctious , free spirited and controlling puppy, to a more obedient and thoughtful pup. Mushu now shows more self control and is more aware of his learned commands. Teresa has shown great control in handling + training Mushu, me and my son, Brendon. She has been wonderful + excellent for our family.

Hancy Heinberger,
Pembroke Pines, Fl Continue reading


Tere is awesome!! AWESOME!!! I love her method. She taught me to be an alpha. My dog has changed 100%. I have a completely different dog that I enjoy now because of Tere’s teachings. Her approach is incredible. She is the DOG WHISPERER. I loved the class.

Jose Moreton,
Homestead, Fl Continue reading


Teresa did a great job teaching us and the dog, great training tools and examples a lot of patience with us and with Milo. Thanks for helping us to understand our dog and how to interact with him.

Javier Villabona,
Sunrise, Fl  Continue reading

Bella and Piru

Nuestra entrenadora fue Teresa De Leon y con nuestros perros hizo un trabajo magnifico. Entendimos mucho acerca del comportamiento y como corregirlos. Fue una gran experiencia y ganamos una amiga. gracias Carlos por server de intermidiario y los conocimos a los dos a traves de nuetros ninos. Gracias.

Jose and Nancy Martinez,
Miami Lakes, Fl Continue reading


Before hiring K-9 Solutions and having Teresa as our trainer our dog was extremely hyperactive. Now after all the training. we have learned how to calm him down and really get control over him. This has been a great experience for us and our dog!

Daniela Garcia,
Miami Springs, Fl Continue reading


I’m very pleased with the results I see with Pilot. Teresa is full of knowledge and patience. Her advice has always worked. Not only us in our household but even our neighbors have noticed the change in pilots behavior. Thank you Teresa for a job well done.

Likmilian Pelaez,
Coconut Creek, Fl Continue reading


Teresa is knowledgeable and very professional. I will definitely  recommend her to my friends. she is very confident and is very firm in terms of training a dog. I would hire her again as a dog trainer. Teresa is a wonderful person, easily approachable and highly knowledgeable. We learned a lot from her.

Paul Agtarap,
Pembroke Pines, Fl Continue reading


I’m really satisfied with my dog trainer. She has been working with us in training my little Max. I will recommend her as an excellent trainer for any new people that need.

Manuel De la Cruz,
Miami, Fl Continue reading


I was able to fix behavior problems that were driving me crazy. Now I am a happy dog owner thanks to Teresa and all her help and support. I completed obedience Level 1 and I see the change in Lana’s behavior.

Yurika Delgado,
Doral, Fl Continue reading


Professional help was definitely needed in our case. Dog improved drastically and therefore our relation with dog allowed us to keep her in the family. Teresa was a great trainer and people person in our experience with her teaching. Thank you, Cardenache family.

Arbey Cardenache,
Hialeah, Fl Continue reading


I’m very pleased with Teresa, she did an amazing job with my dog Bailey; now she responds to all my commands and listens. Thank you Teresa you were amazing and very caring and strict at the same time.

Monica Esquenazi,
Pembroke Pines, Fl Continue reading


This course has been very helpful for us. I had read several books in preparation of owning a dog but was not successful in implementing what I read. The one on one classes with Teresa have been invaluable. My dog has been progressing with each class. Teresa has focused on the individual needs of my family and how we can incorporate our dog into our household so that we are all happy. I would not have been able to make such progress on my own.

Ninoutchka Dejean,
Pembroke Pines, Fl Continue reading


Teresa was absolutely amazing at helping me understand how to train my puppy. I do notice a change in Anjali’s behavior right away. Teresa is also always available to answer any questions or concerns I have.

Saira Moolchan,
Davie, Fl Continue reading


El trabajo lo considero de exelente ya que gracias a Teresa mi perro cambio todo los abitos malos que tenia, ahora cambio para mucho mejor, obedese, se esta mas tranquila ect. (considero Teresa como super especial en entrenamiento.)

Carlos J. Garcia,
Miami, Fl Continue reading


Teresa really changed the lifestyle we had with our dog. Diamond’s attitude has progressed and has learned a lot of self control. We will definitely reference Teresa to all of our friends, and neighbors. Thank you Teresa!!!

Kelly Pelaez,
Miami, Fl Continue reading


This training through the direction of Teresa Deleon, resulted in giving a chaotic situation of a 100lb puppy, structure to follow. The commands we were taught, the methods utilized resulted in immediate success. We are so pleased with the training skills we learned, the kindness of Teresa and the results we saw!!!

Amanda and Jill Bartley,
Miami, Fl Continue reading


I called for dog training because Lou was very anxious and stressed out. In the 10 sessions I have been amazed at how calm Lou has become. Teresa has been awesome, customizing our sessions to my specific concerns and adopting our training methods to the temperament of Lou. We are so happy to have gone through this program. Our lives and dogs life  has been changed!

Rana Buckner,
Miami Beach, Fl Continue reading


Teresa is a great trainer. I have seen great improvement with Riley. Before training, Riley would chew, poop, and disobey commands. Now I can relax and be worry free of a messy home. Teresa did a great job of training Riley and me.

Diana Castrillon,
Coral Gables, Fl Continue reading


We had several behavior issues with Eko throughout his first year with the family, and K-9 Solutions had the answers we were looking for. Carlos’ warm manner and expert techniques were very effective with Eko. Carlos makes sure that the whole family is involved in the training, and works with the owners until they get the techniques right. We saw amazing improvements in Eko with each passing week, and we are very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend K-9 Solutions, Inc. to everyone whose dog needs training.

Daniel Alvarez,
Miramar, Fl Continue reading


Would highly recommend K-9 Solutions for all your pets behavior, they are the most wonderful trainers. They treated me and my dog like family and my dog has learned beyond my expectations. Sorry this had to come to an end.

Patricia Jaworski
Davie, Fl  Continue reading


Teresa was great! She was very knowledgeable and patient with our Beagle & myself. I have learned a lot from her & would recommend her to anyone that really wants to know why dogs behave the way they do & how to approach training in a way that is best suited to the age & breed of your dog. She is also very accommodating in terms of schedule!

Juan Carlos Moreno,
Pembroke Pines, Fl Continue reading


Since Carlos began working with our dog, Leila, she has vastly improved. She is more disciplined now and has learned many new skills. She’s a much better companion now. Thank you very much!

J.C. Pereira
Miami Lakes, Fl Continue reading


I loved my trainer, Teresa De Leon. Her understanding of my needs made training Lova so much easier and successful. Teresa is an outstanding trainer and I’m glad I was paired up with her. Thank you, Tere! Lova loves you!

Alina Medina,
Miami, Fl Continue reading


Tere fue mi entrenadora. Cuando llego mi perrito era irresponsable y no nos entendia pero despues que Tere llego Bruno se volvio otro responsable jugeton y obediente. Me gusto mucho las classe.

Andres Maduro,
Key Biscayne, Fl Continue reading