We believe that the best way to explain the value of K-9 Solutions dog training services is by letting our clients do the talking. By reading these reviews, real client experiences, you will gain a true understanding of our dog and puppy training and find value in our service. We are always thrilled when clients take the time to explain how we helped them solve their dog/puppy problems.

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Breed: French Bulldog

Name: Maple

Age: 6 Months

Teresa De Leon is really a good trainer. I’m happy because my dog is behaving so much better now and I have control. On the first days with him I was getting crazy, he peed and pooped all around, and now he does it all outside in the garden.

Fabio and Joana Ribeiro,

Breed: French Bulldog

Name: Azul

Age: 7 months

I enjoyed Teresa’s training from day one. Very informative and patient; I will for sure recommend the service to my friends. My dog learned everything she taught me and we will continue to practice as per her advice. Very thankful for her! Great job :-)

Zaidy Rodriguez,
Pembroke Pines, Fl

Breed: French Bulldog

Name: Tommy

Age: 9 months

The courses were very useful in understanding our dogs behavior. The classes and knowledge given were very effective in the training of our dog.

                                                                                                                         Carlos Gomez Hialeah, Fl

Breed: French Bulldog

Name: Draco

Age: 6 Months

The training is great. Trainers are experts and knowledgeable in all dog breeds of all ages. Most importantly the owner learns all the training in order to maintain a healthy relationship for the lifetime of the dog and any future dog you may have. Great service. Gentle and loving trainer. Would recomend Carlos to any dog owner!

Beida Casanova,
Miami, Fl

Breed: French Bulldog

Name: Bobo

Age: 5 months

We have been training for 5 weeks. I loved the way Carlos trained me and my dog Bobo. Carlos is in some kind of unbelievble relation with dogs. I strongly recommend eveybody