We believe that the best way to explain the value of K-9 Solutions dog training services is by letting our clients do the talking. By reading these reviews, real client experiences, you will gain a true understanding of our dog and puppy training and find value in our service. We are always thrilled when clients take the time to explain how we helped them solve their dog/puppy problems.

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Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Rocco

Age: 4 Months

The trainer Teresa De Leon is an excellent trainer. Our puppy felt very comfortable with all the lessons. Currently our puppy follows all the commands that Ms. De Leon taught us. We are very appreciative of her help and her availability throughout our lessons. Mr. & Mrs. Rosa

Jose Rosa,
Hollywood, Fl

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Buster

Age: 2 Years

Before hiring K-9 Solutions and having Teresa as our trainer our dog was extremely hyperactive. Now after all the training. we have learned how to calm him down and really get control over him. This has been a great experience for us and our dog!

Daniela Garcia,
Miami Springs, Fl

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Boscoe

Age: 5 months

My dog used to bite all the time, wouldn’t stay still and wouldn’t listen to anyone including myself! Thanks to Teresa’s training, he has been the opposite. He now listens and we can keep him inside the house at all times. Teresa was really nice, trained really clear and gave HW for my dog in a good time for me to practice. My favorite thing about her was that she was available at all times for me to call her & ask questions!

Noelly Ibarra,
Weston, Fl 

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Prime

Age: 6 months

K-9 Solutions has helped me control my dog. My mother works from home and Prime was getting out of hand but now I can leave loose and he is well behaved. The classes are well taught and planed out. Prime took a step back but with their help he got back on track. The training was positive. She was also able to relate to my son, me and the dog.

Christopher Lopez,
Miramar, Fl

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Oso

Age: 1 year

These classes have only helped us to become closer and have a better understanding with our dog. We’ve been able to bond more and really have enjoyed this journey together. We’d honestly recommend these classes to any family trying to have a better connection with their four- legged family member :-)

Hector Flores,
Fort Lauderdale

2-12-2011 510
Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Rommel

Age: 5 Months

Carlos is very professional, gentle and nice with my puppy. He is also very patient with the dog and myself. I would recommend him to train any dog or puppy. A very nice person and loves animals and his work. Takes much pride in what he does.

Rene D. Chaloult,
Hollywood, Fl

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Rocky Morales

Age: 8 months

I feel that this company is very professional and proficient. They are excellent with new owners and puppies. I would highly recommend K-9 solutions, Inc. to family and friends, new owners or persons who are having problems with their pet. Again thank you Gina for your patience with my puppy, Carlos and me.

Martha and Carlos Morales,
Miami, Fl

July 12 2010 019
Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Kiba

Age: 1 year

 We were very lucky to find K-9 Solutions. Having a well behaved dog is essential for a happy pet owning family. Kiba and us started learning from day 1. Carlos’ training style addresses the importance of the owners envolvement. Your dog sees you as his leader and he wants to please you. So you must be able to understand how your pet thinks in his world not yours. I recommend K-9 Solutions without hesitation.

k-9 Solutions 5-11-10 135
Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Candy and Nicky

Age: 16 months

After loosing good training time with inadequate trainers when my two GSD’s were 5 months old, I was afraid to hire another trainer. I hired Carlos Puentes from K-9 Solutions, Inc. when they were 16 mo. old and a handful. I found Carlos was professional, firm, but always kind and loving with the dogs, honest and reliable. He is also patient with both dogs and the owner.

Joan Van Housten,
Miami, Fl

Bo (Milerylis Curbelo) & Teresa
Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Bo

Age: 1Year 3 Months

Estamos muy contento con las clases que recivio “Bo” El perro aprendio sus comandos y ahora la vida con el se nos hace mas facil. Tere es muy buena entrenadora y tienemucha paciencia y amor con los animales.

Mireylis Curbelo,
Miami, Fl

Prince & Norma Nunez
Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Prince

Age: 6 months

My trainer Teresa, has been a wonderful trainer. She has taught my dog as well as me very well. She has been firm and wonderful with him. I will recommend her to anyone that needs their dog well behaved. Thank you for the help she has given us.

Norma Nunez
Miami, Fl

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Rocky

Age: 6 months

Rocky era un perro desobediente. Gracias a Tony su entrenador, el perro aprendió bien rápido todos los comandos. Yo recomiendo esta compañia y en especifico elegir este entrenador para su mascota. Estoy muy satisfecho con los resultados obtenidos. Gracias.

Julio Perez,
Miami, Fl