We believe that the best way to explain the value of K-9 Solutions dog training services is by letting our clients do the talking. By reading these reviews, real client experiences, you will gain a true understanding of our dog and puppy training and find value in our service. We are always thrilled when clients take the time to explain how we helped them solve their dog/puppy problems.

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christy 003
Breed: Mixed Breeds (German Shepherd/ American Bulldog Mix)

Name: Zenz

Age: 2 years

I absolutely love this program & will recommend it to anyone and everyone. When we got the dog she was wild and crazy. She would always jump on people I was afraid of the dog because of it’s breed. Gina is just awesome she helped in building my confidence as an owner and guiding me.

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Mastiff/ American Bulldog Mix)

Name: Beau

Age: 4 Years

Carlos Puentes was referred to me by my veterinarian of long standing and another person who’s dogs were trained by him. From experience I knew I had to witness the training methods and results in order to evaluate the benefits derived from the training efforts. Having participated with my dog

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Goldendoodle)

Name: Simba

Age: 5 1/2 Months

Carlos is amazing! Simba learned all of the commands in no time, and always enjoyed training. Carlos is very good at nurturing, and being assertive at the same time!! Having Carlos made us love our dog even more!!!

Sandi & Scott Poisson,
Weston, Fl  

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Shih-Tzu Mix)

Name: Grady

Age: 3 Years

We adopted our little guy from a rescue with some aggressive behavior (fear) with the guidance of Carlos we have seen GREAT improvement. Carlos has taught us the correct techniques to use & with our daily training he’s now a joy to take out for walks. We highly recommend Carlos& K-9 Solutions. It’s well worth the investment!

Marlene and Jerry Hammel,
Davie, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (German Shepherd Golden Retiever mix)

Name: Big Bear

Age: 1 Year

K-9 Solutions/Carlos Puentes has been training Big Bear for several weeks with outstanding results. We have learned important lesson’s, how to interact with our dog to secure the best results from the various commands. We look forward to reinforce all the lessons and commands, and develop our dog to respond and be a better pet and special freind. We also look forward to advanced training later in the year.

Kenneth W. Porter,
Coral Springs, Fl

2-12-2011 495
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Morky)

Name: Bagel

Age: 1 1/2 Years

This training was spectacular Carlos is a great teacher and I would recommend him to any dog owner that needs help. Me and my dog are very greatful and thanks to Carlos our lives will be happier and more fun to be around our dogs.

Juan Lara,
Miami, Fl 

2-12-2011 484
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Pitbull and Lab terrier mix)

Name: Lola and Rocket

Age: 1 yr and 1 yr

We got our dogs from the shelter, within 2 weeks they had damaged 2 couches and a coffee table. We contacted K-9 Solutions, Carlos came to our house, not only did he show us, but he explained to us why and how his training methods work. 6 weeks later and I couldn’t be happier. The dogs no longer chew on furniture and they look to us for direction.

Leon Flores and Tabitha Gallerani,
Hollywood, Fl 

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Doxle)

Name: Buddy

Age: 2 Years

I rescued Buddy 8 months ago, and had no control over his 18lb. terror. Carlos took my bad dog + trained me to help him become the good dog he now is! I’m amazed at all the commands we learned to make our lives easier, to just enjoy each others company. There is no more jumping on grandkids, or eating pillows + shoes, or runningout the door. Thank you Carlos & K-9 Solutions, your a godsend.

Olga E. Scire,
Margate, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (American Bulldog Mix)

Name: Dexter

Age: 10 months

We are very grateful for the training and assistance that Carlos has given us with our dog Dexter. A few months ago, we could not walk him outside. He would bit his leash and lunge out at people and other dogs. He had several other bad behaviors such as biting, jumping and barking from his crate.

phone photos July 12 2010 214
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Shepherd Mix)

Name: Denny

Age: 8 months

Before calling K-9 solutions our dog Denny was uncontrollable. The progress that our dog Denny has made is amazing. Mr. Puentes is a true professional. I would use him in the future or would highly recommend him to my friends and famly.

Ana & Hernando Hernandez,
Homestead, Fl

July 12 2010 063
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Goldendoodle)

Name: Gypsy

Age: 7 months

I am very pleased with the results that Carlos Puentes has shown me. My dog is now much more pleasant to live with. I am looking forward to future activities that I can now do with my dog due to Carlos’ excellent training.

Casey De La Torre,
Hialeah, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Boxer/American Bulldog)

Name: Simon

Age: 10 months

This training was very good. It has made a tremendous difference. Our dog is well behaved and obedient. We are very happy we used K-9 for our dog.

Eduardo Pineda,
Miami Springs, Fl

July 12 2010 005
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Shepherd/Labrador)

Name: Nina

Age: 1 1/2 years

We loved that we were involved with the training not only was our dog learning, but we learned how to relate to our dog. Our dog came from a shelter with very bad habits… we thought we might not be able to undo what she already knew but now Nina is much easier to handle, walk, and have in our house. Thanks to Carlos & Gina for all your patience with Nina and us!

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Lab Mix)

Name: Buddy

Age: 3 Years old

During the course of this training I have gone from total frustration over an uncontrollable dog, to the knowlegde of what we have to do, who is really the head of this pack (We are!) , and to much greater enjoy most of our time with Buddy. He’s still got a long ways to go, But we have been trained on how to handle him.

Paul & Betty Crowther
Miami, FL

phone photos July 12 2010 013
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Manchester Terrier Mix)

Name: Lillie

Age: 4 months

Carlos turned Lillie the dog from hell into a great dog. It was amazing to watch her learn, sit, down, stay, heel, the look in her eyes of love for Carlos. She might not be ready for Westminster but she’s a different little dog worth every penny.

Roberta Jenefsky,
Davie, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Yorkipoo)

Name: Riley

Age: 6 months

Excellent class, good teacher a lot of information regarding dogs. Thanks Teresa. It was a good class.

Corby Carcia
Miami, FL

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Mixed Yorkshire Terrier)

Name: Toro

Age: 1 yr. 8 months

I have seen a great difference in my dog’s behavior. He is responding to commands. He is calm now which he was not before, he chewed on everything in my house. He had training before it did not make any diferrence. Thanks K-9 Solutions, Inc. The trainer she did a wonderful job with Toro. Thanks Gina.

Gwen Phillipson,
Tamarac, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Shih-Malt)

Name: Benji

Age: 6 Months

Carlos is great. Has an interesting way of teaching dog owners what their pet is thinking at a certain time and he is good at it. Very caring for the animals but when it comes to training demanding. (in a positive way) my puppy is wonderful already. Thank You Carlos!

Aneta Abramczyk,
Pembroke Pines, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Cavachon)

Name: Bella

Age: 6 months

Carlos established a great relationship with Bella and we are very happy with the results from Bella’s training. K-9 Solutions has helped us become better

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Cockapoo)

Name: Molly

Age: 1 1/2 years

Carlos’ dedication and professionalism have made all the difference to our dog, Molly. I’ve seen a huge difference in her behavior and her interactions