We believe that the best way to explain the value of K-9 Solutions dog training services is by letting our clients do the talking. By reading these reviews, real client experiences, you will gain a true understanding of our dog and puppy training and find value in our service. We are always thrilled when clients take the time to explain how we helped them solve their dog/puppy problems.

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Breed: Golden Retriever

Name: Giorgio

Age: 5 months

Teresa De Leon was amazingly patient with our crazy lifestyle and helped me become more comfortable with my puppy. I was incredibly anxious around dogs and with her guidance and knowledge I have learned to enjoy being around my puppy. Her knowledge and skills with dog training and correcting bad behavior is impeccable and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Kelly Gibson,
Miramar, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Lab Mix)

Name: Fifa

Age: 8 Months

It was amazing that just after 3 weeks I saw so many improvements. The training has made me feel closer to my dog! Teresa was awesome. She is patient and answers any questions. She is knowledgeable and a great instructor.

Julissa Castellanos,
Miramar, Fl

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Name: Margarita

Age: 6 Months

Estamos felices con Teresa. Nos ayudo a entender y comunicarnos con nuestro bebe. Desde su primera visita logro que fuera otra cachorra. Paso de ser terible e inconprendida a una perrita obediente. Ojala que todos los entrenadores fueran como ella, una persona apasionada, con mucho conocimiento y siempre dispuesta ayudar. La recomendamos y deseamos permanecer en contacto con ella!! :-)

Fernando Y Natalia Quiroz,
Weston, Fl

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Name: Ruffy Cruz

Age: 6 months

La experiencia ha sido enriquecedora de aprendizaje y conocimiento haserca de la educacion para nuestro perrito. La entrenadora Teresa de K–9 Solutions nos aporto mucho aprendizaje y soluciones para cada problema que se nos ha presentado referente al perrito. Ella con su entrega y dedicacion ha podido instruirnos a ser mejores duenos de Ruffy.

Yokaira Cruz,
Cooper City, Fl 

Breed: Boston Terrier

Name: Milo

Age: 1 year

No tengo ninguna queja de la  entrenadora Teresa De Leon, por el contrario ama los animals, hace que la respeten y sobre todo sabe lo que hace, muy profesional en su trabajo. Yo tambien me volvi su amiga :-) !!!

Pilar Teran,
Pembroke Pines, Fl 

Breed: Mixed Breeds (American Bulldog Mix)

Name: Tayra

Age: 6 months

Teresa a logrado que nuestra perra tenga mucho control con nuestras hijas para no jugar bruto con ellas, a logrado que nuestra perra este calmada ante muchos escenarios. Estamos muy felices con los resultados. Great job Teresa Thank you.

Juan Bolanos,
North Miami Beach, Fl

Breed: French Bulldog

Name: Azul

Age: 7 months

I enjoyed Teresa’s training from day one. Very informative and patient; I will for sure recommend the service to my friends. My dog learned everything she taught me and we will continue to practice as per her advice. Very thankful for her! Great job :-)

Zaidy Rodriguez,
Pembroke Pines, Fl

Breed: Bichon Frise

Name: Zuri

Age: 5 months

Tere is a great trainer! We had problems with pee and poo, and in the first class she recommended a potty schedule and some tips and it worked perfectly. All the commands she learned fast and excellent. Now I feel happy that my baby Zuri is well educated.

Ximena Linares,
Miami, Fl

Breed: Pit Bull

Name: Crypto

Age: 18 months

We were very skeptical about the classes until we met K-9 Solutions. Teresa was beyond great. She was very patient , very caring knowledgeable. My dogs behavior has changed dramatically. He is much calmer, follows commands. I will recommend this program to my friends Teresa is a Godsend.

Adriana Tello,
West Park, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Havanese / Poodle Mix Havapoo)

Name: Obi- Wan

Age: 1 year

Carlos was a great trainer! He connected with Obi very well and Obi listened and obeyed every command. He helped us understand the training exercises and consistently made our dog well trained! Thank you for everything! We will continue to do these lessons with Obi & next time you see him, he will have it all down.

Lauren Adamo,
Miami Lakes, Fl

Breed: English Bulldog

Name: Homer

Age: 8 Months

With the professionalism and expertise of Gina from K-9 Solutions,Inc., my puppy Homer is a
changed and improved puppy. Thank you for all you help and for sharing all you valuable knowledge. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and family for their dog training needs. Thank you,

Carlos Fonte
Hialeah, FL

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Mini Golden Doodle)

Name: Wally

Age: 5 months

Teresa was excellent. We were first time dog owners and she got Wally trained in no time. She helped me feel comfortable training and explaining why we did each step. So not only did I learn how to discipline I learned why. The best I can imagine. Highly recommend her.

Eatheana West,
Miami, Fl

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Name: Zeus

Age: 3 1/2 Years

This is the second dog Carlos has trained for me. While Zeus has been difficult the training has allowed me to better control Zeus. Carlos is also great in teaching the pet owners so the training can continue after the classes are finalized. Would highly recommend.

Yoel Gonzalez,
Tamarac, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (American Bullie)

Name: Chino

Age: 8 months

Carlos has done a wonderful job with training Chino. Chino now Sits, Stay’s, Heel, and Come and lay down when told. I would recommend K-9 Solutions to anyone looking to get their dog trained. Thanks Carlos, I am greatly happy with the outcome of this training.

Katrice Gainous,
Hollywood, Fl

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Name: Belle

Age: 8 Months

We decided to give our dog Belle a good training after two moths of having her in the house.She was a beautiful dog, but she had several issues like housebreaking problems,pulling, biting and others. We were very impressed with Carlos & Gina from day one. Belle has been calm and attentive in every single training day. Her progress has been remarkable. K-9 Solutions training has been effective for our dog needs and we highly recommend their services.

Carmen Arroyo-Melendez
Davie, Fl

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Name: Bandit

Age: 3

Bandit was exhibiting aggressive behavior on leash and with certain people entering my home. I started to dread situations where I would have to encounter other dogs while he was on the leash or when people would knock at my door. I am so thankful for Carlos and all his help! Bandit has improved immensely.

Breed: Pomeranian

Name: Benji

Age: 1 year

Benji has learned to go wee wee on the pee pee pador knock on the door to go outside. He has learned to walk by our side on the leash. He learned how to cross the door when told. We are very pleased with Teres’a training. This has been an excellent experience.

Oni Nunez,
Hialeah, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Minature Golden Doodle)

Name: Mozart

Age: 6 months

Excelente entrenamiento!!! con Teresa De Leon al comienso de las cinco clases hacia sus nececidades en las casa, no obedeciani respondia a su nombre. Hoy ya puedo viajar mas tranquila y contenta con mi mascot. Aprendio a caminar a mi lado, no cruza la puerta sin ser llamado y se mantiene limpio dentro de la casa. Olvidalo!!! Se queda tranquilito acompanandome en su alfombrita…. Gracias mil….. siempre los tendre presente sobretoda Tere.♥!!

Lesbia Layrisse,
Miami Beach, Fl

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Name: Bruno

Age: 5 Months

Tere provided compassionate and patient training for Bruno who is a smart but stubborn puppy. He has made a remarkable improvement and training tips given by Tere will make him an even better good citizen doggie-Thank you for your patient support.

Lourdes Burth,
Miramar, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Mini Golden Doodle)

Name: Mora

Age: 5 months

Nuestra perrita Mora ha sido entrenada por Teresa. Deseamos senalar la excelencia del trabajo realizado, con una calidad professional y una eficiencia destacables. Los resultados son un hecho, Mora ha prendido mucho, ha desarollado su inteligenciay ahora tiene muy buenos modales. Estamos muy contentos y con seguridad recomendamos el servicio prestado.

Cecilia Lima,
Miami, Fl

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Name: Boscoe

Age: 5 months

My dog used to bite all the time, wouldn’t stay still and wouldn’t listen to anyone including myself! Thanks to Teresa’s training, he has been the opposite. He now listens and we can keep him inside the house at all times. Teresa was really nice, trained really clear and gave HW for my dog in a good time for me to practice. My favorite thing about her was that she was available at all times for me to call her & ask questions!

Noelly Ibarra,
Weston, Fl 

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Pitbull Mix)

Name: Zola & Arnold

Age: 1 year & 8months, 1 year old

We worked with Gina and she was fantastic. After 2 lessons our dogs were totally changed. They  went from being crazy and wild, never listening to or obeying our commands and not totally destroying  our house. What a pleasure to walk two dogs at the same time and have them walk next to me and sit when I stop walking. We have two dogs and Gina was very patient and spent plenty of time with each dog. Both dogs are rescue dogs and had trust issues, she was fantastic. We are beyond thrilled with the results and highly recommend K-9 Solutions.

Eric & Marci Fechter
Miramar, FL

Breed: Rottweiler

Name: Murphy

Age: 8 Months

Teresa has helped a lot with everything. She has taught us so many things to help us with Murphy. Murphy used to be using the bathroom a lot, but now he doesn’t use the bathroom as much in the house. Teresa did amazing with everything. THANK YOU!!!

Cameron Olsen,
Davie, Fl

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Name: Mikey

Age: 1 Year

Great dog training! My dog learned a lot from this experience and I was also able to notice a big difference within his behavior. My dog now listens to my commands and behaves during situations in which he before was out of control. I would highly recommend this type of dog training to all types of dogs for a great outcome.

David Quengan,
Miramar, Fl

Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei

Name: Miley

Age: 2 1/2 years

Our experience has been delightful and Teresa has made this transition for Miley very easy. We’ve had an amazing teacher and has taught us so much about our loving Miley. We will forever be grateful. Thank you! :-)

Meagan Jimenez,
Homestead, Fl