We believe that the best way to explain the value of K-9 Solutions dog training services is by letting our clients do the talking. By reading these reviews, real client experiences, you will gain a true understanding of our dog and puppy training and find value in our service. We are always thrilled when clients take the time to explain how we helped them solve their dog/puppy problems.

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2-12-2011 495
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Morky)

Name: Bagel

Age: 1 1/2 Years

This training was spectacular Carlos is a great teacher and I would recommend him to any dog owner that needs help. Me and my dog are very greatful and thanks to Carlos our lives will be happier and more fun to be around our dogs.

Juan Lara,
Miami, Fl 

2-12-2011 484
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Pitbull and Lab terrier mix)

Name: Lola and Rocket

Age: 1 yr and 1 yr

We got our dogs from the shelter, within 2 weeks they had damaged 2 couches and a coffee table. We contacted K-9 Solutions, Carlos came to our house, not only did he show us, but he explained to us why and how his training methods work. 6 weeks later and I couldn’t be happier. The dogs no longer chew on furniture and they look to us for direction.

Leon Flores and Tabitha Gallerani,
Hollywood, Fl 

Breed: Siberian Husky

Name: Ringo

Age: 11 Months

We are very satisfied with the training of our pet, a Siberian Husky a little stubborn. Not only he has learn, but my wife and I also we have gained knowledge that helps us know him better. We encourage any one who has a pet dog that will devote at least a few minutes a day to your workout and if it has the professional work of the coaches of K-9 Solutions, success is guaranteed. Our gratitude to its President Mr. Carlos Puentes.

Stany Baranosky,
Hialeah, Fl

Breed: Shih Tzu

Name: Pancho

Age: 5 Months

I’m very happy with the training of my dog Pancho. It just makes having him as an inside dog a lot more easy and enjoyable. Teaching him to be potty trained & listen to commands was wonderful, I don’t feel like I need to be chasing after the dog all the time.
Thank you so much Carlos.

Belgica Hernandez,
Miami, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (Doxle)

Name: Buddy

Age: 2 Years

I rescued Buddy 8 months ago, and had no control over his 18lb. terror. Carlos took my bad dog + trained me to help him become the good dog he now is! I’m amazed at all the commands we learned to make our lives easier, to just enjoy each others company. There is no more jumping on grandkids, or eating pillows + shoes, or runningout the door. Thank you Carlos & K-9 Solutions, your a godsend.

Olga E. Scire,
Margate, Fl

Breed: Lhasa Apso

Name: Brice

Age: 1 year

I absolutely noticed a complete change in my dog. Bryce was so bad they called him “Killer” in my building. I couldn’t walk him… he always walked me. Thanks to CARLOS I now can walk him and he actually listens. He is a brand new dog. Thank you so much Carlos, you seriously performed a miracle :-) … I cannot thank you enough.

Maria Santiago,
Hollywood, Fl

Breed: Great Dane


Age: 8 Months

Valentina “was” a big strong unruly puppy that was destroying our house- my wife was ready for a divorce for my bringing the 3rd giant dog in “her” house. Carlos helped turn that around for us. 1st with a week with him while we went on a trip, then with training sessions… over the following weeks

Breed: Boxer

Name: Tina

Age: 5 Months

My family loved having K-9 Solutions working with our puppy. K-9 Solutions gives us the most up respect. I would call them again anytime I get a dog & I will tell all my freinds & family about K-9 Solutions, thanks to K-9 Solutions I have a well trained dog.

Grizela Garcia,
Miami, Fl

Breed: Pit Bull

Name: Prada

Age: 12 1/2 weeks

Gina was very helpful and great with our pup. In a matter of days after training our dog with her, our puppy’s obedience changed from disaster to great. My husband and I are extremely happy with the results. We will definitely contact her for further training.

Carrie & Michael Diaz,
Opa Locka, Fl

Breed: Mixed Breeds (American Bulldog Mix)

Name: Dexter

Age: 10 months

We are very grateful for the training and assistance that Carlos has given us with our dog Dexter. A few months ago, we could not walk him outside. He would bit his leash and lunge out at people and other dogs. He had several other bad behaviors such as biting, jumping and barking from his crate.

Breed: Rottweiler

Name: Max

Age: 7 months

Carlos is a fantastic dog trainer. His love of dogs was quickly apparent and Max really took to him rather quickly. Max is a much better dog than he was prior to K9 Solutions. We definitely recommend K9 Solutions to anyone! No dog is too difficult for Carlos!

Jose & Kelli Rosales,
Hollywood, Fl

Breed: Boxer

Name: Lacy

Age: 10 Months

Thank you very much for your expertise and patience with me and Lacy. You have taught me effective training techniques I never knew! I would never had accomplished as much using old school techniques. You have taught me a lot and it works. Thank you.

Armando D. Soler,
Miami, Fl

Breed: Dogo Argentino

Name: Tango

Age: 10 months

Carlos helped us tremendously with Tango. He used to jump up on people and pull the leash when we walked him and now he is very obedient, doesn’t jump, he sits, stays and doesn’t pull when we walk. I highly recommend Carlos for any dog owner who wants to increase their bond, level of respect and relationship with their dog.

Alex & Stephani Prendes,
Coral Gables, Fl

Breed: Boxer

Name: Layla


Training is excellent, in a very short time our dog has changed from being terrible to being well behaved. I would definitely recommend K-9 Solutions to any dog owner.

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Name: Bailey

Age: 4 months

We contacted K-9 Solutions in desperation and when we were at witts end. Bailey’s bathroom was our home floor and didn’t listen to anyone. She made a 180 turn, she is sitting-laying down-staying on command. Plus she is eliminating outside. Thanks to Carlos and Gina we will have many years of enjoyment with an obedient Bailey and have a happy home once again!

Much Thanks/K-9 Solutions Rocks!

Martin and Joana Karch,
Hollywood, Fl

phone photos July 12 2010 214
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Shepherd Mix)

Name: Denny

Age: 8 months

Before calling K-9 solutions our dog Denny was uncontrollable. The progress that our dog Denny has made is amazing. Mr. Puentes is a true professional. I would use him in the future or would highly recommend him to my friends and famly.

Ana & Hernando Hernandez,
Homestead, Fl

phone photos July 12 2010 229
Breed: Border Collie

Name: Oreo

Age: 7 months

Thanks to K-9 Solutions for helping us welcome our puppy into our home and ensuring that she will become a well behaved member of our family. Without Carlos’ help, we would have been at a loss in training our newest addition!

Stacy Milrot,
Davie, Fl

Breed: Siberian Husky

Name: Max

Age: 3 months

My husband and I are completely satisfied with our dog (Max) accomplishments and also grateful for all the knowledge that we received. Gina has been very helpful and professional. We truly recommend K-9 Solutions Inc.

Michael & Eyleen Barroso
Hialeah, FL

July 12 2010 063
Breed: Mixed Breeds (Goldendoodle)

Name: Gypsy

Age: 7 months

I am very pleased with the results that Carlos Puentes has shown me. My dog is now much more pleasant to live with. I am looking forward to future activities that I can now do with my dog due to Carlos’ excellent training.

Casey De La Torre,
Hialeah, Fl